Caden is a co-founder and the head of marketing and sales. From the very first product that was built in the garage to today, Caden's fingerprints can be seen on every aspect of the business.

shipping truck

How Will my TV Bed Arrive?

Can’t you picture it? You just placed an order for a beautiful, real-wood TV lift bed from Wildwood TV Lift Furniture and all you are thinking about is how great your bedroom is going to be. Then, once the dust settles, you realize, “Wait a minute, did they just say they were shipping this from…

Hartford TV Lift Footboard watching TV

What is a TV Lift Footboard?

TV lift furniture is growing in popularity rapidly throughout the world, and one specific type of TV lift furniture that is becoming especially popular is bedroom TV lift furniture. This may be because, in this age of streaming, we all want to be able to watch our favorite shows whenever and wherever we want, including…