Family Watching TV in TV Bed

One of the questions asked most frequently by customers selecting TV lift furniture is whether their TV will work or if a specific TV model must be used. At Wildwood, we use one of the most compact and versatile lift mechanisms available in order to maintain both the beauty and functionality of the furniture. In determining whether your TV will work with the lift mechanism, the mechanism type as well as the TV size, weight, depth, and VESA pattern should be considered as described here:

Mechanism Type:
We offer three mechanism types including  standard, deluxe, as well as the 360º swiveling mechanism. As described in more detail below, the standard mechanism works TVs up to 45” diagonal while the deluxe and swiveling mechanisms work with TVs up to 50” diagonal. Additionally, the deluxe mechanism and swiveling mechanism have an extended travel that allows plenty of clearance for higher beds or larger TVs.

TV Size:
Our standard TV lift mechanism will work with 32’’ to 45’’ TVs. Our deluxe mechanism and swiveling mechanism will work with 32” to 50″ TVs (the deluxe mechanism is $259 extra, the swiveling mechanism is $849 extra).

TV Weight:
All mechanisms will lift more than 100 lbs.

TV Depth:
In order to work in a standard TV footboard with modification, we recommend using a TV with a depth of 3” or less for both the standard and deluxe mechanisms.

VESA Pattern:
On the back of any mountable flat screen TV you will see a set of four holes used to mount the TV to the wall or TV lift mechanism. This pattern of holes is often referred to as the VESA pattern. VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) is the organization that has established standard TV mounting hole patterns used in the flat screen TV industry. VESA standards are listed in millimeters and represent the distance horizontally and vertically between mounting holes. For example, a VESA standard of 400 x 200 represents a set of mounting holes that are 400 mm apart
horizontally by 200 mm vertically (from the center of the mounting holes). Our TV lift mechanisms accommodate the following VESA standards:

Standard Mechanism
400×300, 400×200, 400×100, 300×300, 200×200, 200×100, and 100×100

Deluxe Mechanism
600×400, 600×200, 600×100, 400×400, 400×200, 400×100, 300×300, 400×300, 300×400, 200×200, 200×100

Swiveling Mechanism
The swiveling mechanism has a universal mounting plate which will allow for any VESA pattern.

To verify that your TV fits each of the parameters listed above, we recommend searching for the manufacturer’s specifications on the TV box or online as this is the most fool-proof way to obtain accurate measurements. If you are unable to locate the manufacturer’s specifications you may
measure your TV manually, however, care should be taken to obtain accurate measurements in order to ensure that your TV lift furniture will work properly.

Don’t want to worry about whether your TV will work? Many of our customers don’t want to worry about whether their TV will work or don’t already have a flat screen TV that they plan on using. For customer convenience we also sell a number of TVs that are proven to work with our TV lift
furniture. These TVs can be seen at our TV page.