Build your Happy Place.

With a hand-crafted, real wood TV Bed or TV Lift Cabinet.

Build your Happy Place

With a hand-crafted, real wood TV Bed or TV Lift Cabinet

Start designing something just for you.

Start designing something just for you.


We build each TV Bed and TV Lift Cabinet to-order, which means you have the ability to customize your piece of furniture to fit your taste and your space.

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TV Lift Cabinets

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All Wood Construction
Custom, Built-to-Order
100% Made in the USA

Why Wildwood?

Call us purists, but the word “particleboard” is a swearword to us.

We craft each piece of TV lift furniture by hand, using only the best quality real wood. Maybe we’re a little old-fashioned, but we know quality woodwork and we don’t settle for less.

STEP 01.

Design your Piece

First things first, find the TV Bed or TV Lift Cabinet style that suits your taste and your space. Next, customize it by selecting the size, color, layout, and hardware.

STEP 02.

Additions and Options

Add additions and options like a TV, a Sound Bar Cubby, an upgraded TV lift mechanism, an IR emitter, and anything else you need to make your piece work just right.

STEP 03.

Call or Buy Online

Check out online or call us at 801-901-8249 to place your order over-the-phone. We are always happy to help answer any questions as well!




You shouldn’t have to choose between function and style. Every product we build is designed first and foremost as a beautiful piece of furniture that will elevate the style of your home. After the piece is designed, we get to work engineering the cabinet or bed to function with one of our TV lift mechanisms.


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360º Swivel TV Lift Mechanism