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Device Storage Tray



  • Adds slide-out tray to one side rail on a TV Bed
  • Available on all TV Bed styles and sizes
  • Includes built-in power

The Device Storage Tray is the perfect addition to your TV Bed to enable you to store gaming consoles, cable boxes, DVD players in a convenient, accessible spot.

Height Clearance Width Depth
5″ 23″ 16″

Compatible With:


All TV Beds
Adjustable Bases
TV Lift TVs
IR Emitter
Captain’s Bed
TV Lift Cabinets

Seamless Design

Designed to fit any TV Bed flawlessly, this simple and elegant solution allows you to keep your favorite devices safe and connected within reach.

TV Bed Device Storage Tray
TV Bed device storage tray power outlet

Integrated Power

The Device Storage Tray has a power outlet integrated into the back of the tray, making managing your devices convenient.

Within Reach

Your devices are always conveniently within reach beneath your bed. Slide the tray open to gain access to your devices and safely tuck them away when you’re done.

Device Storage Tray TV Bed open
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