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Sound Bar Shelf

Turn your viewing experience up a notch with a fully integrated sound bar shelf.

sound bar shelf

Specs & Details


  • 2 Sound Bar Shelf Brackets
  • Wooden shelf finished to match TV Lift Cabinet


  • The Sound Bar Shelf requires 3″ of vertical cabinet space, plus the height of the sound bar.
  • Only available on the Deluxe mechanism (the 360º swiveling mechanism has other sound bar shelf capabilities, call for details)


sound bar brackets

Sound Bar Shelf Calculator

Adding the Sound Bar Shelf will usually reduce the maximum TV size of any of our TV lift cabinets by one full TV size (ie, a Storage cabinet without a Sound Bar Shelf will hold a 60″ TV, but with a Sound Bar Shelf it will only hold a 55″).

Take the questions out of it, use this calculator to determine the size of TV and sound bar you can use with your sound bar shelf. The output of this calculator is not a guarantee, if you have any questions, please reach out to our team at (801) 901-8249.

Select a TV Size OR Enter the height of your TV.

The TV options from the drop down are based on average TV heights and may not reflect your actual TV size. For best results, enter the actual TV height for the TV you plan on using.