TV Lift Cabinet with Apple TV swiveled

Freestanding TV Lift Cabinets

Freestanding TV Lift Cabinets What’s included with the Freestanding option on our TV Lift Cabinets? By: Brandon At Wildwood TV Lift Furniture, our most popular line of furniture is our TV lift cabinets. These incredible pieces combine the aesthetic appeal of high-end cabinetry with the clever functionality of a TV lift, providing you with the…


How to Measure a TV

How to Measure a TV Determining the size of your TV is really quite simple once you understand what the manufacturers mean by, “a 60-inch”, or “75-inch”, and so on. Let’s dive into this mirky topic and clear it up for you. Walking through the electronics aisle at any department store, you are sure to…


The Benefits of a Hidden TV Lift Cabinet

08/01/2023 The Benefits of a Hidden TV Lift Cabinet By Caden Introduction The TV has undoubtedly become an essential part of modern living rooms, providing a gateway to entertainment, information, and relaxation. However, its dominating presence can sometimes clash with the aesthetics and functionality of a well-designed space. In many instances, this isn’t a problem,…