Every entertainment system you use,

within reach.

You’re not the first person to ask how you can plug a DVD player or cable box into a TV that’s concealed in a footboard TV lift.

That’s the beauty of the TV Lift Media Hub.

What is The Media Hub?

Imagine that you want to watch a DVD or play a video game in your TV lift footboard. Where do you put your DVD player or game console?

The media hub is a small device that allows you to plug your devices in at the head of your bed rather than plugging them directly into the back of your TV. This enables you to keep your DVD player, game consoles, or any other devices at the head of your bed, within reach.

How it Works


Plug the 15′ HDMI cord

(included with purchase of

media hub) into your TV.


Run HDMI cord out the base

of the TV lift footboard, under

the bed, to the head of your



Plug 15′ HDMI cord into the

“output” on the Media hub.

Then plug any other devices

into the “input”.

TV Lift Media Hub

Includes 15-foot HDMI cord