Soho TV Bed



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What is the Soho TV Bed?

The Soho is a contemporary design that showcases modern clean lines and a beautiful African Mahogany grain pattern.

The Soho, like all of our TV Beds, is built out of 100% real wood. However, the Soho is built out of African mahogany, which is a very exotic and beautiful wood, very commonly used in contemporary designs. The natural Mahogany creates a breath-taking beauty that will catch the eye of everybody who sees your TV Bed. And, because it’s built out of 100% real wood, you can always count on the sturdy construction.

The body of the TV lift footboard as well as the headboard are offered in a contrasting finish, typically our espresso painted finish (which is essentially blackish brown) to create a depth and drastically pull attention to the gorgeous wood grain. However, if you would prefer, you can also have your Soho TV Bed built out of one of our standard finishes, which are shown below. However, beware that purchasing the Soho TV Bed in African mahogany is risky because you’ll never want a piece of furniture built out of another, less gorgeous, type of wood ever again.