TV Lift cabinet sound bar cubby

The Sound Bar Cubby

Turn your viewing experience up a notch with a convenient sound bar cubby.

Compatible with all TV lift cabinet styles and sizes

(Not compatible with TV beds or TV lift footboards)

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Basic Plus

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Media Console

DIMENSIONS Basic & Basic Plus TV Lift Cabinets: 5″ D x 6″ H | Storage & Media Consoles: 9″ D x 6″ H

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Creating the optimal viewing experience requires more than just a great TV Lift Cabinet. It requires a collection of accessories and hardware that come together to build the perfect audio and visual experience. Obviously a great TV is critical, but often the stock sound systems that are offered on even high-end TVs fall short of an immersive sound system. This is where the optional sound bar cubby comes in! This cubby is perfect for storing your sound bar and the two built-in grommet holes allow easy cord-management with direct access to the TV as well as power sources.


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